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For trading success you need to

  • Develop a clear profile of your unique trading personality.
  • Devise a workable written trading plan that is yours alone.
  • Learn techniques that will help you to properly understand the market and its trends.
  • Master the forces of probability that govern the market.
  • Establish and reach your personal targets.

Ray is an accomplished trader and a leading name in trader education around the world. He has built a team to deliver world-class mentoring services to professional and part-time traders eager to learn from their years of experience.

With 30 years of trading success behind him, Ray has found that a winning approach is only one component of trading success. In addition, traders need skills in market profiling and money management. They need to master the psychology of trading success by understanding what motivates them and coming to terms with what scares them.

To address these needs Successful Trading Concepts (STC) constantly helding trading seminars, providing education materials like books and DVD, as well as holding regular trading seminars.

About Barrometrics

Trading is a probability game. To win the game,
  1. we focus on the decision-making process not the individual trade outcomes. It matters not that we make 100% in a single trade. What does matter is if we can sustain a return on capital without risking ruin.
  2. we focus on the long-term results, not the individual trades.
  3. we integrate the mindset. Lip service is not enough; integration of the Probability Mindset into our psyche is critical.
Barrometrics complies with three essential ingredients for trading success, Written Plan with an Edge, Effective Money Management, and Winning Psychology. They are tools we use to take advantage of the probability reality – tools which used correctly will provide us with financial freedom.

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