6-Week Webinar Course
(small class)

For some time now I have been asked to create a program that straddles my mentor course and my 2-day seminars. The program is specifically for traders who believe they have integrated a measure of discipline and risk management into their trading.

If you have not done this, the program is not for you. Instead, you should consider the Habits of Success video series.

What of the Barros Swings?

A Foundation for a Trading Plan, it offers the unique approach I take to trading. The series will bring the Nature of Trend materials alive. At the end of the 6 weeks, you have a basis for understanding the structure of the market.

This understanding is important because:

tick With it, you will be able to maintain your trading edge, no matter how the markets may change in the future.
tick With it, you will create a plan that suits your personality, be it mechanical or discretionary.
tick With it and with consistent application of your plan, you have the process that will lead to success.

* * * * * Course Content * * * * *

* The Stages of the Market - The Tubbs Model
The function of TimeFrames
* The Barros Swing - Impulse Waves
Statistical Overbought/Oversold Conditions
Change in Trend Patterns
Forecasting Ratios
* The Barros Swing - Corrective Waves
Statistical Time & Price Windows
The Line Change Price
Types of Corrective Waves
Ratios Relating to Corrective Waves
* The Concept of Zones
* Setup Patterns and Entry Techniques
* Initial Stops and Trade Management
* Putting It All Together

How confident am I that the 6-week course will be successful? I don't know for sure because it's the first time I shall be running it. But it is based on the mentor program and I know that works if you do the work. Dr. Peter Whitnall, a graduate of the mentor course, said:

"...yes doing your STC (mentor) course was one of the better things I have done in this life. As regards trading, it was the best thing I have done in this life"

                                                               Dr. Peter Whitnall

"...As a hedge fund manager, Ray Barros has acquired an arsenal of tools over three decades that have stood the test of time to give him consistent returns in running his hedge funds. Now he enjoys sharing and passing on his knowledge to his students who are willing to learn from him.

I am one such student who has turned 360 degrees after being persuaded to take his first course in BarroMetrics and never look back. In fact, with his methodology, I was ready to participate in an international forex competition in my first year of trading online."

                                                 Ms. Ana Wang
                                                 1st Runner Up (Joint),
                                                 Daniels Trading Competition 2007

"...Barros instead uses his own system, based on disregarding irrelevant price info (such as a false new low), and instead looking for signs of an aging trend that is start to have new force pushed behind it. His objective isn't to pick the exact bottom, instead its to wait and see how a trend develops according to his wave system, then make a high probability entry point at a solid junction where he can manage his risk v reward. This type of thinking for trend changes and identification is far superior to the standard MA crossover type systems that exist, because it takes into account pressure that both the sellers and buyer are applying to the price movements."
                                                 Mr. Colin C. Docherty
                                                 Reviews on Barros' trading system

The early-bird rate for the this course will be US$4,150.00 (for 1.5 hrs x 3 days per week for 6 weeks). After Feb 28, 2009, the rate will revert to US$4,650.00 . I will also video the lessons so you can view them anytime online (video will be posted at 12:00am EST after each webinar). In addition you will receive:

Habits of Success - The Art and Science of Trading Success (DVD)

(a US$850 gift based on 2009 prices). See Detail
Equity Sheet Excel Template
A customized spreadsheet that will generate the reports you need for Risk Management discipline (a US$225 gift). See video introduction

excel sample

Membership of STC Club
A forum where Ray and his mentor students exchange their trading information, experience and expertise.

Date :
6 weeks ~ from April 1 to May 14, 2009 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Time :
7:30am ~ 9:00am EST
(If you are interested in the course but are not available at the scheduled course time, please write to us with the time you are available. Course time may be adjusted based on the avaibable time for most people who are interested in the course.)
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Paypal (Please choose one of the "Pay Now" buttons below)
TT / Bank Direct Deposit (Arrange fund transfer or direct deposit then scan proof of payment to support@tradingsuccess.com. We will then contact you immediately)

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* Early Bird Price : US$4,650.00

2. Stardard Price : US$4,650.00 (Course only)

* Early Bird Price : US$4,150.00
*      Early Bird Price ends Feb 28, 2009
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