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New  Perspectives emerging in 2011

With the game-changers in global markets in 2010,  financial institutions are changing their perspectives in 2011.

UBS is taking the lead to set  up a team to understand the needs of  UHNW  (ultra high net worth) clients in the Asia Pacific region.

With emerging markets in this region, there are now ultra high net worth individuals  who have businesses across the region or globally.   They travel frequently and have a good understanding of investment opportunities.  They usually have family members across the globe, and are very sophisticated .  They require a different level of advice and expertise only available at global integrated banks.

These  UHNW clients fall into three tiers:

1.       Investment

2.       Business

3.       Family needs.

UBS  has this team under Amy Lo,  its Regional Head for UHNW clients.  The team will be specially trained and supported by dedicated UHNW competency teams which leverage expertise across Wealth Management, Investment Bank and Global Asset Management businesses.

She explains that to be competitive, UBS must have a model capable of the following:

1.       Accommodating the local regulatory environment

2.       A broad geographical footprint in key markets

3.       A robust approach to managing risk without sacrificing agility

4.       Access to a  deep pool of talent

5.       A broad product offering

6.       A strong and trusted brand name

She has the vision to translate building a sustainable and high-quality wealth management business which creates value for its clients.


With memories of LTCM and the rogue trader of Barings debacles still fresh in our mind, I rate risk and money management top criteria in any investment strategy.

 IDKIT aka Ana

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