2010 Adieu

BarroMetrics Views: 2010 Adieu

As 2010 comes to an end, I look back and see I have much to be grateful for.

It’s been a great year!

  1. The return on my large fund was the best in 20 years of managing money. I have decided to close it down, retire my traders and go out on a high.
  2. The smaller fund also did well in its own way.
  3. I have taken my first steps to make a dream of leaving a legacy into a reality.  I and a couple of mates have started what I see as the beginning of a trading school. Let’s see if I do a better job this time. I did launch one many moons ago; but I had to suspend my dream.
  4. 2010! You taught me many new things. If I had to choose, the Oscar would go to Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges. He and I are poles apart when it comes to trading style and timeframes. But through his excellent site and newsletter,  he showed me his way of viewing quant studies. I have adapted and integrated his ideas into my own trading with success. Thanks Rob
  5. A big thanks to all my friends and family – to each of  whom I have dropped a personal note.
  6. Finally a big thank you  to my silent readers .  The numbers dropping in have increased exponentially.

By the way, I say silent because although the stats show a committed and growing audience, I wouldn’t know it from the comments I receive; do drop me a line from time to time – it’s hard to work in the dark.I am looking forward to next year as well as looking forward to a well-earned break: until Jan 3, I’ll update this blog intermittently.

Have a great Xmas, guys and gals, and I hope 2011 brings you all the happiness, health and wealth you desire!

9 thoughts on “2010 Adieu”

  1. Thanks for all your post this year Ray. The high quality & standards you set are unmatched in the industry I feel.

    Please keep up the great work next year and have a safe & happy xmas. The RBSOT (Ray Barros School of Trading) sounds like a great idea – would put so mant shonks out of business too.

    All the best and to fellow readers. Cheers. Paul.

  2. Idkit input:

    A great festive celebration to all here!

    RBSOT = Traders Round Table

    Then & Now
    1967: Going to a new, hip joint
    2010: Receiving a new hip joint

    As some of you may recall, our mentor did receive a new hip joint!! LOL

    HIP HIP WHO? Ray!!!

  3. PS: Ray, with the large fund closed now you really should start writing your memoirs – it would be one of the great trading books I feel.

    The style could be mostly about your path in the trading journey sprinkled with some of your numbers along the way. Much like one of my favourite trading books which is “Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader”.

    Marty writes so well in terms of detailing his trading life, the personal highs and lows, and how he traded yet without making it a trading how-to book.

    Yet at the same time he talks about many trades and even his setups – but the key parts are his life story along the way. That’s what made it so thrilling & gripping for me. I read it one go non-stop.

    Whenever I need a motivational pep-up I always think of that book or re-read parts just thinking about how hard a worker he was, how simple his approach was, how he never gave up.

    I think you have a definite classic in you Ray, a classic like “Reminiscences of a stock operator”, something which focuses mainly on the personal/trading history side (not a how-to book like your NOT book which is mostly technical).

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Have a great NYE too! Paul.

  4. Hi Ray,

    Thanks, enjoyed and benefited from your blog entry. Looking forward to your HOS seminar next year!

    Have a wonderful x’mas and an Awesome new year!!!


  5. Hey Ray,

    I chanced upon your (Singapore) presentation back in Nov, and have been hooked on your Blog ever since. In fact, I look forward to reading it everyday. Loved your write-ups on Market Psychology, and daily post-market analysis on BarroTwitter. Thanks for all your posts Ray.

    Can’t wait to learn more from you – at the HOS seminar in March.

    Merry X’mas, Happy Holidays (until Jan 3rd, right?), and have a wonderful year ahead!!

    From Ex-silent Reader

  6. Hi Kenneth

    Thank you for dropping the blog a note. Great to hear from you!

    Thank you too for the kind words.

    Yep March 2011 will be a blast. I have picked up new presenting skills and there will be a couple of unannounced bonuses on the way.

    Have a great Xmas and a FAB 2011!

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