6-Week Webinar Course

For some time now there have been requests for a course that straddles the 2-day Habits of Success seminar I run in Singapore and the Mentor Program that I deliver over the net.

Well folks, I have finally completed its design. For details, please go to:


The delivery platform has been the main problem. I solved that by using omNovia. We tried it with the free webinar and it passed with flying colours – not a hitch with the delivery platform.

The content will be the Nature of Trends material. So if you have read the book and want a clear understanding of how to apply it, now is your chance. Go to http://www.tradingsuccess.com/6-week-course.php, see what it’s all about and, if you like what you read, register.

2 thoughts on “6-Week Webinar Course”

  1. Hi,
    we’re an engineering company. I have also heard of omnovia and have been in a webinar that was using omnovia as an attendee. Can you tell me if their system is easy to use also as presenter?

    thank you

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