A Fab Opportunity

BarroMetrics Views: A Fab Opportunity

On July 19, in Singapore,  I’ll be sharing the cutting edge research: “what do we have to do to ensure success in the markets?”

This is a critical topic, especially since BarroMetrics has taken the insights from the R&D and applied it to its educational activities. The results have been fantastic. Admittedly it’s early days yet, but the results say that new ideas will improve your bottom line.

You may ask the obvious question: “what have the studies shown?”

They show this:

There are five stages to success with  “mind X money X method” merely being one of the stages.  As for the other 4 stages, on July 19, we’ll share them with you.That is not to say we won’t be looking at looking at “mind X money X method”; we will.

Indeed, we shall be providing fresh insights into these areas – including an S&P trading system that has identified every, recent, major downturn!

If becoming a profitable trader (or a more profitable trader) is not reason enough to attend the event, let me share with you the sponsors of the event (CMI) will be making some very, very generous offers to the attendees.

Unfortunately, I have been sworn to secrecy about these offers.

To find out what they are, you shall have to be physically present on July 19.

So today, at this moment, you have a very clear choice:

·         you can choose to bypass the event, and stay stuck in your losing cycle, or
·         invest a half-day on July 19, and an take first steps to becoming successful.

What about the financial cost, you may ask? Did I forget to mention that CMI will be bearing the cost of the event? There is no charge!

“So”, you ask, “How do I register?”

I’m glad you raised that question.

Take those first steps to becoming a profitable trader and register at:


Look forward to seeing you on July 19.

PS I forgot to mention two points:

1)  I gave priority to those on my list, and did a mail out late in June. The result is around 50% of the seats have been taken. Moreover, CMI will start its own campaign today. So, we do expect the ‘full house’ sign to hoisted shortly.

2)  All who register and attend will receive a very special bonus. Once you have registered, we’ll let you know what it is.

So, register now to avoid disappointment:  http://noafx.com/workshop.php

6 thoughts on “A Fab Opportunity”

  1. Hi Ray, In the past you have mentioned your idea to start a Prop trading company.Managing the risk was a concern.
    I recently came across PAMM, Percentage Allocation Management Module.
    So far i have only noticed on MT4 broker platforms.
    But the idea struck me,that it may also be a great opportunity for people to invest in your prop company also. Just a thought.
    cheers Baz

  2. Hi Baz

    Thanks for thinking of me. I am familiar with PAMM.

    I did start a prop house. But when Chrisy came down with cancer (now all OK), I closed it down to spend more time with her.

  3. hi Ray,
    A number of years ago, I read an article, claiming that the failure of USA education system was that they adopted new education theories quickly
    – but unfortunately, those theories proved to be wrong.

    Following your principle that a person can be considered as a successful trader (to teach), only if he has at least 5 years audited successful trading results
    – Are the theories 5-stages proven for at least 5 years? 🙂


  4. Hi Paul

    The 5 stages are the result of the most recent studies in neurology and behavioural finance.

    The general process has been to study a group of people to determine what made them successful. The earliest of these was the Stanford marshmallow experiment.

    I took the studies and applied the five step process to trading.

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