A Hearing Case!

I have just been asked to write a short blog as our mentor has a ‘hearing case’!

He just realized that instead of taking 1 tablet every 4 hours, this is his gaffe.


One of the tablets is Zovirax which I am supposed to take ONE every 4 fours. Instead today, I took 4 every four hours! No wonder I have been feeling off today! I told Chris, I was feeling off and she told me I was overdosing!  Unquote

This is a common dilemma with students, not ‘listening’  to what should be done not what they do instead….LOL.

My personal feeling is our mentor loves wearing his Bluetooth in his ear which adds to the over  exposure to radiation that we are already exposed to, such as, the electric clock by our bedside, the desktop or notebook, the TV  etc  – we are too wired and this is not good for our health, ask Dr Khoon Ng!

Let us pray that it is a viral infection and not a tumour!  Our mentor has finally put away  his Bluetooth. Tinnitus or ringing sensation in his ear will hopefully go away with the antibiotics.

Please join me in wishing Ray a speedy recovery and a steady not rolling gait!

Ana aka Idkit

Ag Moderator

Just received this notice from Amazon:


3 thoughts on “A Hearing Case!”

  1. Hi Ana, I hope your well? I have no idea what Zovirax is but it cant be any worse than diet coke? Can it? Cheers Baz old fogey lol thats beauty!

  2. Hi Baz

    It is an antibiotics for his viral ear infection.

    BTW some comments from his students:
    Dr Khoon Ng

    i have to partially agree with Ana that ‘since you are now hard of hearing and not listening’, you are forgiven, BUT..what was the good ear doing?hmmmm….

    Than there is the ‘written plan’ ie, the instructions printed on the patient label…seems like you did not follow ‘the plan’….NOW is my chance to say to you…’naughty, naughty’…haha..think we all have been down that road.

    Come to think of it, i thought i was supposed to trade 4 lots (based on my account size) instead of 1 lot?..is that why my account is deep in negative territory?…ha ha ha…just kidding

    From Mic

    Ag Moderator
    hi ray , i thought u hv hearing problem , looks like maybe eye sight as well , ha ha .pls take care . cheers

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