A Little Bird Told Me

Today, I am attaching a great article by Dr. Janice Dorn (http://www.thetradingdoctor.com/).

With the markets  poised on a knife’s edge, it’s worth keeping Janice’s words in mind…..

….. I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but the desire for instant success is rampant in Singapore (if the ads in the daily papers are anything to go by). Yet, as Dr. K Anders Ericsson has shown in work on Deliberative Practice, competence and expertise come about through effort – the right kind of effort.

At one stage, the TANSTAAFL Principle (there  ain’t no such thing as a free lunch)  was all the rage. Well, guess what folks, the principle still applies. In this life, hard Work counts for much more than just talent. Of course, the best in any field have both.


One thought on “A Little Bird Told Me”

  1. I have bee on holiday the past 2 weeks but it gave me a lot of time to just chew on this one thought that I heard from someone recently (not a little bird)”

    “Think Big, Start Small, Build Deep”

    I think it is applicable to anything we endeavour to do, especially trading.

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