A Matrix for Success

 A good lesson from F1, cross ref:


We in Singapore have been lucky to enjoy and witness first hand the weekend practice sessions leading up to last night’s final lap at the first ever night race held in Singapore – the Red Dot!

I watched every practice session over the weekend starting on Friday night and it reinforces my conviction that to succeed, one has to be focused, practise consistently and to put to practice what one learns re techniques – ie to follow one’s plan to the finish!

The participants all showed good showmanships although only three emerged as top winners at the end of the race.

Throughout the final laps, one could only marvel at the persistence of the participants especially Alonso – Ferrari who truly put up the best show to emerge the number one spot of the Grand Prix.

Behind the scene, there was good support and when it was necessary to change tyres, one could witness how precise they all worked to give the contenders a chance to resume and to contend for the top three places.

As traders, we can take a leaf from the precision and plan of the contenders and their team mates to simulate our own plan to trade successfully.

It is all hard work to win and then not all will win, as we witness how pooped the contenders were after passing  the chequered flag.  This is the price of being a good contender in all we endeavour.

Some video clips of F1 of the final lap:



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