A New Day?

BarroMetrics Views: A New Day?

Firstly, thanks for all of you who dropped me a note, asking if I was OK.  I have been down with the flu, hence my ‘short vacation’ from the blog.

In my piece “A Free Technical Analysis Course”, I mentioned that the major weakness in trading education is educators cater to pass on knowledge but not skill. The missing ingredient is the feedback that is so necessary for mastery.

In March, I’ll be implementing what I believe will be a format that will overcome this issue. I have been testing it for some time among three groups:

  • Institutional traders
  • Private professional traders
  • Retail traders

Each test produced the necessary changes to bring about the outcome I want: to do my best to ensure that the student graduates knowing and doing what is necessary for long-term success. By September 2014, I’ll know if I the new format has been a success. if the tests results are anything to go by, we should see impressive changes in the attendees’ trading results.

By the way, I’ll be showcasing the new format in a 2-hour talk on Feb 15. Here’s the link to the event:


And, so you have an idea of what you can expect, I am attaching outline of my Feb 15 piece:

  • Title
  • Benefits for attending etc.

If you are in Singapore, you could do worse than spend the day at the event. By the way, the SGD30.00 is available only to Jan 18.


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