A Plug For Share Investor’s Dec 6 Event

I am writing to advertise an event held by Share Investor in Singapore on December 2008.

When I speak at a gig, I normally do not get involved on the marketing side. But on this occasion, I am making an exception. I’ll tell you why at the end of the post. But first let me tell what benefits you can expect from the talk.

Share Investor asked me to create something special for them – content that I have never before presented. I agreed.

At the Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Center, Conference Halls, Foyer 1, Level 2, on Dec 6 , I’ll be delivering a complete trading plan that is a simplified, yet highly effective version of Barros Swings. Those of you who follow my blog know that on Thursday November 13, in preparation for the US trading session I said of the S&P:

“However, the lower average volume does hold a possibility of a Spring Change in Trend Pattern. For this to happen, the market would need to break below 839, not accept below 798 and re-accept above 866. Such price action would constitute a change in trend in the 5-d (weekly trend) timeframe (from a down to up).”

The chart below shows that the comment was spot on: the S&P dropped to 818.69, held above 798 and re-accepted above 866. You can also see that on the day the market had a 94 point range allowing us to enter and face a no loss situation.

This is the power of ideas to be presented on December 6 and the material on December 6 will enable you to form the same conclusions. In addition, the content will allow you to create a new set of trading rules for a robust trading method.

Those are the benefits. What’s the cost? If you register before Nov 30, an incredible S$48.00! This is why I am promoting the event. The benefit to cost ratio is heavily in your favour.

The link below has the early bird and normal registration a(after Nov 30, S$60.00).



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