A Program for Success

BarroMetrics Views: A Program for Success

In researching my new book, I have reading about ‘success’ in varied fields: from Selling, to Sports, to Business. One common thread is the generic model for success:

  1. Recognize reality – where you are at the moment and where you want to go. What do you need to succeed? What qualities do you have? What qualities are you missing?
  2. Create strategic and tactical plans to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.
  3. Execute the plans – this includes a visualization component
  4. Review the results of your behaviour. Keep and improve that which brings you closer to your goals; change or discard that which doesn’t.

So, if you aren’t attaining the success you want, I’d look at which of the above elements are missing.

Another common thread are habits and routines that are used to assist achieving success.

Current neurological research shows that the more functions, we canĀ  assign to our subconscious, the more energy we’ll have for the decision-making process. Successful routines not only include the mundane chores such as updating our data , trade journal etc but also :

  1. The visualization process in preparation for the day
  2. The setting of goals
  3. Identify and performing the 20% of acvtivities that bring about80% of the results.
  4. Planning and preparing for trading each and every day

I’d pin these routines everywhere where you can view them – at least until they become part of you – until not doing them makes you feel uncomfortable.

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