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Today I was assisting a student-friend (let’s call him Shuan) to clarify some questions about the last seminar I did in Singapore.  The experience drove home the point that the seminar format, even when accompanied by a month of practical training, is at best an inadequate vehicle for teaching trading success.

Shaun is someone who has impressed me by:

  1. his willingness to expand his comfort zone and integrate new material; and
  2. his dedication to hard work. 

Shaun took up my suggestion that one way to expedite the learning curve was to form a trading group. There is evidence to suggest that group learning serves to expedite the learning curve.

So, as far as I am concerned, Shaun is an ideal student – dedicated, hard-working and willing to ask questions when he strikes trouble. 

It therefore a surprise today when we worked through a problem that had been bedeviling him. It was clearly a situation of ‘what I said and what he heard’ being two different things. If this happened in Shuan’s case, I wondered, what about the less hard-working attendees.

It also drove home the point of how important continuing support is to the newbie trader. My testing of the new format – where the chat room meets Deliberative Practice – is just about complete. The results have been first class. I knew that improvement would be seen but underestimated how great that improvement would be! The next step will be the important one – the trial of the format among the last batch of attendees.

Let’s see if the results follow the other tests.

2 thoughts on “A Trading Education”

  1. Tell me and I forget.
    Teach me and I remember.
    Involve me and I learn.
    ~ Benjamin Franklin


    Tell me, I’ll forget.
    Show me, I’ll remember.
    Involve me, I’ll understand.
    ~ Chinese proverb

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