BarroMetrics Views:  Accountability 

On the weekend, I watched “Hidden Figures“. It’s a great movie, telling the story the role three women played to break through the colour and gender ceilings at NASA.

What I liked best about the story was the way each lady took responsibility for her life. Identifying what she wanted, dealt with the setbacks and persevered: the key thing is they took ACTION;  no whining, or lip service but consistent action. This is especially true of the character portrayed by Octavia Spenser.

We know that over 90% of newbies fail – I believe because many starters have unrealistic expectations. But, once this group gives up, what accounts for the continual failure of the majority of the survivors? At some point, they must come to realise that what is needed for success. Yet, the numbers among this group remain dismal.

Usually, the fault is laid at the feet of willpower: ‘I don’t have the willpower to be disciplined’. But wait!

There is mounting evidence to suggest that much of what we thought we knew about willpower is incorrect. See for example: “Against Willpower“.

So, if willpower is not the answer to discipline and commitment, what is?

Over the next few days, I’ll be presenting a model of commitment that bypasses will power. The ideas are taken from Jason Gracia’s ‘Shft the Balance‘,  Heidi Reeder’s ‘Commit to Win‘ and my own experiences and ideas.

Isn’t great to know that discipline is available with only a little willpower; the rest….more tomorrow.

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