Ad Idem or Meeting of the Minds- Dr Brett



Ad idem @ The Esplanade 26, 2008 – 2:47 am


Meeting of the Minds or Ad Idem @ Via Mar, Esplanade Mall

What a better place to let our minds meet than at the Esplanade, Singapore’s art and convention centre.

We have the leading minds of Dr Brett Steenbarger and Ray Barros to pick while Mic and I took in the sea breeze, sipping our drinks , enjoying and sampling Spanish dishes especially paella.

Mic the comic related some local stories of how hawkers push for their fares – by shooting a picture of a celebrity eating at their stalls. This must have raised Dr Brett’s eye-brows! So we warned him in local dialects not to put off our honoured guest with such stories, which may be true but may not be the done thing. Mic the quick former trader from the Pit is always ready with a repartee: only joking!

Now it is my turn to relate my ‘diplomatic jokes’, only to break out into giggles before I could tell, which has to be finished by my mentor Ray. It must have struck our guest how stress could have turned us into funny creatures in order to release tensions.

Now back to the reason for the warning to Mic is because I want to put up a memento of our night out with our honoured guest, Dr Brett. I do not wish to use his picture with us for any gainful purpose except to remind us of his first visit to our lovely shore.

Dr Brett, as we all know , is a travelling Coaching Psychologist , who has been invited here for the first time on this important assignment to coach institutional traders around the globe.

We are lucky to claim his evening for a night out when still under jet lag. The first thing that came to our mind is to introduce him to our arts hub at the Esplanade.

The gentle and fresh sea breeze will clear his mind after a hard day ‘s coaching session with his clients and at the same time allow us to pick his brains.

So it has been a meeting of minds that will seal his first impressions of Singapore.

Let us hope our comic minds will not corrupt his but will just be a synapse or safety valve for escapism.

He must be amused in his ‘psychological mind’ before hitting the sack at his historical GPO hotel of what a night of meeting minds!


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6 thoughts on “Ad Idem or Meeting of the Minds- Dr Brett”

  1. What a gathering of ‘famous and accomplished’ people. You all look great and sounds like you have a great time in Singapore

  2. Oui, merci, Tom.

    Here is more

    IDkit aka Ana has left a new comment on the post “Reading the Communications and Metacommunications …”:


    I see your post is unusually early today – the sun rises in the East first, that is why.

    You said:
    The topic of market communications and metacommunications is a major theme of my first book, The Psychology of Trading. I personally find it interesting that traders who lack social skills–who don’t read people well–also seem to struggle with markets. Unquote

    I just came away from my weekend seminar organized by me and during Q & A sessions, I did read some characteristic traits just from the way they posed the Q & A .

    This to some extent confirms your findings about why some traders struggle with markets.

    Hope you have overcome your jet lag.

    Ad idem @ The Esplanade

    ANA aka IDKIT

  3. IDkit aka Ana has left a new comment on the post “The Fundamental Error of Trading Coaches”:


    I quote this which you said in your last night in Singa-pura:
    I’m in Singapore now, where the durian is a renowned fruit. It has an extremely powerful odor, which some find appealing and others find offensive. A single exposure to the durian for those who find it overpowering will result in a permanent impression: it is unlikely to be forgotten!UNQUOTE

    On our first night out at The Esplanade, designed in the shape of two ‘durians’, I recalled discussing this ‘heavenly king of fruits’ which overwhelms you both ways – heavenly or distastefully!

    If you love cheese, you may love the durian fruit, Brett.

    Next trip, when you stay longer, will introduce you to the King of Fruits!

    Glad that you had a smooth flight home .

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