Advance Decline Line

BarroMetrics Views:  Advance Decline Line

I received a couple of queries from readers (who have no access to the advance-decline data) seeking a free site with the info.

Here is one site MasterData.

Coincidentally, McClellan’s Chart in Focus wrote a piece on the subject: A-D Line Divergence Again. (Note you have to click the ‘more’ link for the whole article. I included the starting page so you can see short history of the divergence).

Finally, my view that the divergence will prove false. Figure 1 shows the lastest AMB. We see again that, after a short drop, the St Louis Fed’s bank deposits have exceeded previous highs and look as though the climb will continue. With this climb, I return to the ‘long or out’ view for the S&P and DJIA. Let’s see what the next chart brings (due in a fortnight).



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