Angel AS Ray will be taking a break prior to his hip replacement soon, I have undertaken to moderate and reply on his behalf any matter pertaining to this blog.

Kindly direct all messages to me at

to avoid delay in response to your messages or queries especially on NOT webinars.

I shall respond in any way I can should you have any specific query if you will send your message to me instead for the time being.

Ray will be in convalescence for at least 6 weeks.

Let us wish him a successful op and a smooth and speedy recovery with this ANGEL.


For Nature of Trend (NOT) purchasers I have an announcement. In early August, I shall hold a free 3.5 hour webinar to illustrate how to use the NOT material to day trade. I’ll do this ‘live’.

For those that would like to attend, just send me a scanned copy of your receipt and I’ll reserve a spot. When you send in the receipt, do nominate a time that would be most convenient.For those who have bought NOT but are unable to attend (pressures of work etc), send in the copy and I’ll send you a link to a recording of the event.

At this stage I don’t know the capacity I’ll have for the webinar but will allocate seats on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Ana aka IDkit

Ag. Moderator

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