Announcement Video/Twitter/Forum Service for NOT readers

Hi All

First off, a great big thank you to all the volunteers who monitored and gave feedbacks. Some of the recommendations were particularly insightful. All the great points of the resulting service are owed to your input; I bear responsibility for any negative aspects.

Secondly a brief description of the service: I will analyse an instrument on the weekly video and provide one-line updates (Twitter) and intermediate comments (Forum) that will include charts.

Thirdly, this is how the service will work.

  1. You have to register for the video. If you have already registered you need NOT re-register.  The videos are updated each Sunday and published Monday morning (Hong Kong time). You are notified by e-mail once a new video is posted. Since the service is designed to assist Nature of Trends (NOT) readers, I shall presume you have read the book and I shall not be explaining basic NOT concepts in the video.
  2. If you want to receive intra-day commentary via Twitter you need to:
  •  go to after you have opened a twitter account. Apply to be a follower. I have removed the public block on the Twitter service so you should receive immediate access. Note that I have experienced difficulties using Twitter if I use a browser other than IE.

3.  if you want to receive intraday charts and a more comprehensive commentary than Twitter, register at the forum:

 You will need to confirm your e-mail address and once that is completed, you will receive e-mails each time I update the forum.


4 thoughts on “Announcement Video/Twitter/Forum Service for NOT readers”

  1. Hi Ray, Even though you drink diet coke,:) ,this new service is fantastic. I am a regular reader of your blog and my opinion can not be bought easily (cash is ok) but this really adds value to the book.Whilst i am aware it also adds to your business profile, it can also be used as a business model as an example of trying something new in these dificult economic times. A lot of people are sitting on their ass moaning tough times but here we find your giving increasing value and service. I highly commend you for this. Keep up the good work. cheers Baz Read the book now see the movie!!!The Adventures of Young Ray!!

  2. Hello again Ray,

    Many thanks for uploading the 2016 video from “How to Apply The Ideas? (Success Series)” blog to DropBox.

    I am curious to know if a video version of your book “Nature of Trends” is available?

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