Answering Questions on New Service

BarroMetrics Views: Answering Questions on New Service

I have been inundated with e-mails asking about the new service. Here are my answers:

  1. There is no charge.
  2. This is not a tipping service; it is designed to assist my students and readers of my book the Nature of Trends. Treat it as an educational tool – as a way of obtaining a greater understanding of the practical application of the ideas in Nature of Trends.
  3. There are three parts to the service. Go to yesterday’s Announcement for full details. You need to register for each of the three services: the weekly video, daily forum and daily twitter service. The 3-parts form a comprehensive outline of my process of thought.
  4. I will not provide specific questions whose answers are answered in the Nature of Trends e.g.”what period ATR do you use?”.  In replying to these type of questions, I shall only state that the answers are in NOT.

One thought on “Answering Questions on New Service”

  1. Could this be due to our mentor’s twitteroos?

    Message from a student of Ray to STC club:
    Just posted on CNN Business:

    “US stock market index futures have dropped nearly one percentage point in the last hour. … The fall is rumoured to be traced back to an email that has been circulating in the SE Asian area. …” Unquote

    Ana aka Idkit
    Ag Moderator

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