November 9, 2009

 apec 09.

SINGAPORE: Chefs in Singapore are busy preparing food for 10,000 guests and ground staff at APEC 2009, who are expected to consume some 63 tonnes of food throughout the summit.

International delegates can look forward to feasting on dishes created from local and imported ingredients.

The cuisine will have a Singapore touch, but chefs will give full consideration to the dietary requirements of their guests, which include cutting down on chilli to make sure local dishes are not too spicy.

“We are always ready when they request for unusual ad-hoc items, whether it’s vegetarian, no nuts, no shellfish… we need to be prepared,” explained Jess Ong, executive chef from the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

“So if somebody wants something totally unusual, we will endeavour to create a dish that is worthy of their attendance,” Ong added.


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