You will have noticed that I did not write my blog for Thursday and Friday last week. Apart from my schedule, a turn of events in my personal life will mean that my first entry resuming the blog will be on Thursday Oct 30.

My apologies to all my readers.

3 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Ray, perhaps I could fill in with some comments such as:


    More about Limit down:

    The selling has caused trading to halt in S&P, NDX and Dow Jones futures contracts. The Chicago Merc instituted price limits to the index futures in 1988 in response to the ‘87 crash. They changed the amount of the limits several times, and finally moved to the current percentage-based system in 1998.

    There is a smaller limit allowed during non-regular trading hours, which is why the futures were halted Friday morning. The limit will lift at 9:30am EST, at which point the next limit (-10%) would come into play.

  2. Close of the Tour in Ozland:
    Cross ref:

    Is ANZ Bank a Buy? Watch video:

    ANZ is fundamentally the weakest of Australia’s big four banks, opines Roger Montgomery, MD of Clime Asset Management. He reveals how he is investing in Australia’s financial sector, with Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading & CNBC’s Oriel Morrison.

    Ray with Ky, SKY reporter

    At Sydney Bloomberg Studio – Bernie Show

    Presentations for CMC Markets Brisbane , Melbourne & Sydney


    For ATAA members at Bowlers Club, Sydney

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