Hi Gals and Guys

Deepest apologies. By now those who registered for the July 5 event, would have received our advice  –  I totally messed up!

I assumed July 5 was a work day in the US. In fact, it’s the last day of the July 4 holiday. As a result, we should see very quiet trading. The live-trading is a core port of the July presentation. Rather than be certain of having to skip it, I decided to postpone.

I realise that some you will not be able to attend. Of course, we will refund the S$20.00. On the other hand, if you wanted the video and all the bonuses, we can:

  • For those in Singapore, swap you to the live-stream. You’ll receive the video and all the goodies.
  • For those ex-Singapore, you’ll receive the video as well as the extras.

I’ll let you decide – just drop us a line.

The new date is July 12. I hope to see you there.

BTW, if you are an Aussie reader, drop me a line at


and I’ll send you a piece on Aussie real estate prices. The piece makes for an interesting read.

Please write to the address above and not to the blog or support.


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