Back to Normal Next Week

As you may have noticed, the Blog posts and Forum comments have been shorter than normal. That’s because I have been focusing on the current seminar in Singapore. Next week, things will be back to normal.

The most recent research suggests that a two-day seminar obtains the best results for the participants if the two days are spread over a week. This allows the participants an opportunity to apply what was taught and find the gaps. This idea of ‘gap learning’  is by far the most important insight in learning theory. It’s not exactly new but for the first time there is much focus on the approach in the literature. But it comes with at a cost for the attendees.

In my experience, many attendees exhibit little behavioural change after attending a seminar. And, behavioural change has  to be the goal of attendance. This is especially true in Singapore where the norm is for attendees  to sit, listen and take notes. But listening and taking notes is not the best way to learn, especially learning how to trade. Learning to trade requires ‘doing’. This ‘doing’ approach proved itself yet again.

A few of the participants took up my offer to answer any question they had. In the process, we both benefited. I learned what areas I had not clearly explained and one area I missed altogether. The attendees learned the ‘gap’ on their knowledge.  This willingness to be wrong augurs well for those who asked questions – few are willing to risk appearing ignorant. Those that take the risk, find the gap in their knowledge and have the opportunity to take the next step towards mastery.

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