11 thoughts on “Barros Students Celebrate!”

  1. hey great pictures, Many happy returens of the day. you are a real champion:-) hope u dont gain a lot of weight after eating cakes:-)

  2. Dear Dr. Ray Barros,

    Happy Birthday and long and healthy life!

    Congratulations for your seminars and conferences on trading.

    I wish your lovely mother feel better.

    All success and enjoy your night with a smile.

    Allow me please to send you a friend hug.


  3. @Prince Carlo Habsburg

    It is so sweet of you to send your good wishes to our mentor Ray, Prince Carlo.

    We wish you all the best on your trip to Geneva next week to meet with WHO for your humanitarian causes.

    Would like to share your free Cardiovascular Library here:

    Bonne chance
    Ag Moderator

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