Unheard of in Singapore, but sad to say, brown-out is real in one hilltop condominium in HK, as our mentor Ray sent some of us a message today:

“A quick update on my electricty problems – writing this at Pacific Coffee Shop (HK version of Singapore Coffee Bean).

My supplies will be connected sometime between 4:00 and 6:00 PM today. Hopefully the problem will be solved today.”

I just received a call that his electricity supply is cut and he would not be able to write his blogs.

As we are all probably  busy planning for the countdown to X’mas, I will just share a compendium of trading terms which I received from, a gift of the season.

You  may read this attachment in pdf. and talk the talk, walk the walk and trade the trade!


Have a happy holidays


Ana aka Idkit


Ag Moderator

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