Change of Venue July 19

BarroMetrics Views:  Change of Venue July 19

For those of you that tried to register but were unable because we had reached our limit, I have great news.

Due to the overwhelming response, CMI have moved the event to the MDIS auditorium. Please note that change of venue is a change of rooms, not a change of location.

The new venue is below:

MDIS Auditorium
2nd level,
MDIS Residence
MDIS Campus
503 Stirling Road
Singapore 418959

This moves means you can now register to attend. But don’t leave it too long, if we fill the auditorium, we won’t be able to accommodate any overfills.

The link again:

Oh, by the way, watch your box next week for two more goodies if you attend after having registered,

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