Clarifications to Coaching Offer

Tina Wahi of Results Coaches dropped me a post today. I had received numerous enquiries about the next step following registration.

In her post, she set out the process. Here is a summary of what she said:

“One of the aims is to clarify expectations, because this is a completely voluntary process from all sides involved (you, coaches, coachees as well as me to support the two groups) so I will be asking them for some patience along the way.
From the emails I received I understand the following aspects still need further clarification:

  1. this coaching is not trader specific coaching
  2. you will not be the coach (you had clarified that already but there were still emails indicating they thought you would be the coach)
  3. it’s not an on-site training/program (coaching can be done over the phone)
  4. it’s on a voluntary basis and coaches are not full-time coaches so commitments have to be agreed between individuals

The other step is that I will need to ask your fellow ICT participants who all would be interested in “taking” one or two of your volunteer coachees. Only then will I be able to introduce them to one another. I was planning on asking them during the call tomorrow.

As for the timeline, we usually encourage participants to start coaching after telecall 4 so there would be some time to organise this. However, I do understand volunteers need to be informed about that as well and for those who are just interested in goal setting we could get them in touch with a coach immediately.”

Just to add to Tina’s point (1).  In my announcement I drew your attention between coaches and mentors. Coaches will help up set goals and will provide the process by which you will attain them. But unlike a mentor, a coach does not supply the content. That is supplied by the coachee.

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