Coyle Seminar 11 @ Capital Tower

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The second leg of the seminar which essentially highlights the Coyle :D eep Practice finished at the Capital Tower this weekend.

Most students find the first session heavy going from feedbacks but with the application of the second session topic, they should be fine.

Mentor Ray is prepared to hand-hold for 30 days, no more no less, as of Saturday June 5, 2010 if the students are diligent with their homework and submit any query to him via email within this one month period.

It goes without saying, the value seminar priced  at  SGD650 for the  two-days weekend  is unprecedented in Singapore, if not anywhere in the world!

Apart from the altruistic aim of Ray to help newbie traders to achieve a good foundation in trading,  his foundation seminars have been feasible at such low prices, is due mainly to the voluntary work put in by a core group of his advance students, whom he has cultivated their loyalty   since his inroad into the Singapore scene about 7 years ago.

However, as Ray put it, prices will not always be the same due to other costs which could put him out of pocket, and it is only fair not to put him out of pocket but to cover him adequately, for all the knowledge, time and hand-holding he inputs  into  his annual seminars in Singapore.

The seminar ended with an offer to conduct a session on the webinar for Forex if the response is good which in fact has exceeded expectations.  The cost is minimal to cover costs.  Those who sign up will be informed as soon as possible.

A vote of thanks to Mentor Ray !




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