Coyle session at Captital Tower

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Ray’s Coyle Method at Capital Tower – 1st session

May 29, 2010 MyAnatrader

They say a picture speaks a thousand words? And Buddhists say they need to make a pilgrimage of a thousand steps, at a time when they celebrate Vesak Day yesterday, Friday May 28 2010.

These are the students culled, so to speak, from the 600 attendees of the free preliminary seminar held at the Grand Hyatt a fortnight ago.

They will need to take baby steps in this first session today , a whole Saturday, and to go away to digest as much as possible before taking in the second session next Saturday week at Capital Tower, in the financial centre of Singapore.

They went away today with a set of  homework to do to test what they can absorb.

Ray Barros is using this group to test out his Coyle method of teaching to raise the success rate of newbie traders from 10% to 20%, if not better.


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One thought on “Coyle session at Captital Tower”

  1. All the free or affordable seminars run by Ray have been made feasible with the free support and hard work put in by his core of advance students.

    Just as a good government works well with a core of new blood injected into the system.

    Hope this fact is appreciated by all attendees …

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