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BarroMetrics Views: Video 4 Link

Here is the Video 4 link:

In this video, I show Ultimate’s trade management.

Also, I promised those who wrote in, a decision on making available, the mechanical system, Opening Range Swing System (ORSS). I mentioned in video 1 that I had intended ORSS only as a bonus to Ultimate attendees. But, the interest you have shown has been huge, hence the postponed decision.

I have discussed the issue with my partner, Peter Ow, and have decided to release it to you. I need to finalise some details so the launch will be tomorrow. Here is the link to the launch (effective tomorrow which means only click on link tomorrow):

The offer is open for a week and won’t be repeated.

Finally tomorrow’s link will also contain bonuses to Ultimate’ method. It was impossible to do justice to Wyckoff and the Market Profile in a short video. So, tomorrow the bonuses will be:

  • Basic Auction Market Trading Concepts for Winning Trades (Market Profile). Auction Market Theory is one of the foundational elements of the Profile.
  • Stock Market Trading, the Wyckoff Method.
  • Wyckoff Market Analysis.

Tomorrow, just click on today’s link to access:

Finally, I want to thank Paul, Baz, Sorin and Joshua for commenting on the blog. I also want to thank those who emailed – though I would prefer you post your comments to the blog.  Nevertheless, thank you for taking time out to drop me a line.