BarroMetrics Views: Q&A ORSS

First off, a big welcome to those that availed themselves of the opportunity of investing in ORSS. We sent out an unadvertised bonus on Oct 5.

In the video, we considered 3 instruments that were shaping up as a potential trade.

Also, not that the one-day turn around in the US$ shows the strength of ORSS: it is able to avoid many of potential whipsaw situations.

In today’s post, I’ll be answering questions raised by those interested in ORSS. I have summarised the questions and paraphrased them – think of this blog as a FAQ.

Q1:  I am a day trader, is ORSS suitable for me?

A1: No. You should invest in ORSS only if you are a swing trader and someone who has a liking for mechanical systems. ORSS comes with 5 rules that are designed to be applied in a disciplined fashion. The four weeks (60 weeks for the first 50) of email support and 4 weeks of video support will ensure you understand its application.

Q2: Will I need special software, charting packages etc. in order to trade it?

A2: No. While Market Analyst will make it easier and quicker to plot, we provide all you need to implement ORSS on your trading platform.  It will take you 3-4 mins per instrument to plot on your platform.

Q3: Do you intend the system to only be traded on FX

No, ORSS can be applied to all class of instruments. In the bonus I sent out on Oct 5, we looked at Gold, Crude Oil, S&P and a FX pair,

Q4:  How do I know ORSS will work?

I’ll answer that question on two levels.

First, the technical……We have back tested the system. I have shown you the results of that when we launched ORSS.  te

We also have had real-time confirmation of the testing results.

The beta-testers Group 1, have shown better results, because the current trading environment favours the system. You could classify the back testing as the worst results you could expect. As you know, the back tested results showed a result with a strong positive expectancy.

Group 2 have yet to complete the testing.

Secondly, the psychological……The underlying question is whether you can trust us. The unfortunate truth is:  our industry has its share of false promises so that the reality after the investment falls short of the promises.

You will have to make up your own mind on this  aspect.

I have been trading for over 30-years have the respect of my peers. Those who have taken my training know that I do all I can to help my students succeed.

Q5: I have bought many systems and they have not worked; how can I be sure ORSS will be different?

The results you generate may due to the negative expectancy of the system (i.e. the system is at fault) and/or due to your failure to execute (i.e. your discipline has to improve).

ORSS does not fall into the first category – it has a positive expectancy. As for the second, the current blog series will suggest a couple of excellent books; or you can try a trading coach.

Q6: I have been unable to find a commercial money management program. Can you recommend one?

I’ll be happy to send you a link where you can download the suggested vendors – just drop me an email with the subject: “Money Management Journal”.