Bouquets and Brickbats

BarroMetrics Views: Bouquets and Brickbats

It’s that time of year when I rate the newsletters I am subscribing  to or have subscribed to during the year.

Bouquets: Still Robert Hanna’s Quantificable Edges. His approach and mine could not be more different, but his delivers value time and again. I read Quanttifiable Edges because Robert provides an alternate methodology that stops me from slipping into myopia.

If you are just after solid S&P trading signals, his letter is a must.


  1. Sentimentrader:  A contrarian service. I felt the quality had dropped off a little in 2014. But, given the US stock market’s absorption with QE. that would be understandable.
  2. McClelland Daily Edition: Interesting tools for the stock market with comments on Gold and Bonds. I subscribe mainly for his analog ideas and cycles.

Brickbats: Has to go to Sentient Trader. I have always been interested in Hurst’s work. ST seemed ideal.

However when I returned from a trip, I found that my access had been cut off for two months (current month and past month) even though ST had received payments from my PayPal account. When I lodged a complaint, the current month access was reinstated but ST refused to give credit for the prior month on the basis that “I should have let him know earlier”.

So let’s see if I have this right…ST makes a mistake, takes my money but fails to deliver due to a oversight/problem at his end. And, its my fault……?

Needless to say I cancelled, and lodged a complaint with PayPal. PP  was very gracious; it explained that its guarantee for delivery applies only physical products. But, given the circumstances, it reimbursed me for the prior month.

Perhaps I should also award PayPal with a Bouquet.