Merry Xmas! ….An Invite

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Merry Xmas and my wishes for a wonderful and successful 2015!

This year I want to do something special because this year I have an even greater motivation to give back.

As some of you know, I lost 15% in March-April 2014. That is a big loss for me. At the time I was reconciled to either having a losing 2014, or at best, breaking even.

Well, I was able to make back the losses in August-September. But following a flat October – November, I figured I was in for a flat year. BUT that was not to be…….

….now at end of December, I find myself 18.3% up for the year! If had told me that in April. I would not have believed you.

In gratitude for my good fortune,  I want to…..

……give three (3), 1.5 to 2 hours free webinars, the first to begin on Saturday, January 17 10:00 am HK time (That’s 9:00 pm, Friday Jan 16, US, EST, 1:00 pm AST, Saturday Jan 17).

BUT, you need to do something for me and yourself. I don’t want to waste my time speaking on topics you don’t want to hear about.

On Dec 27, I’ll be posting a link where, if you are interested in attending the three (3) free sessions,  you can go to answer  two simple questions. Your answers will  help determine the content for the webinars.  This way I’ll know the content will be relevant for you. 

All you answer will receive priority invitation to attend.  We have a limit of around 100. And given that I’ll be reaching out to 8,000 or so traders, I do expect to be fully subscribed.

Have a great hols!

PS Just so we are on the same wavelength: This is not a preview of any kind i.e. at no stage during, at the beginning or at the end of the series will I be announcing a course or product.

The sole aim of the webinars is to help you achieve your trading goals. My way of saying thanks to the trading gods for a great end to 2014.