An Invite II

BarroMetrics Views: An Invite II 

I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas – the best ever!

As promised in Invite I, below is the link for the survey. Those interested in attending the three (3) free webinars need only answer the questions to secure an invitation. I ask the questions to ensure the content is meaningful to the attendees.  If you missed the earlier blog, please go to Invite I to read the details.

I have called the event ‘breakthrough’ because the last time I did this (many moons ago) quite a few attendees made significant breakthroughs in their trading.

Earlier I did send out the invite to those on my list, so we have about 50 seats left.

I’ll close the invite on Jan 05, 2015 to give me time to review the questions and prepare for the webinar. On Jan 10, I’ll send out a summary of the webinar’s content, its registration URL, and other details. 

Looking forward to catching up with you…….Have a GREAT NEW 2015!