Happy New Year! A Recommendation

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Happy New Year, guys and gals!

The time of year when we form our resolutions – resolutions that are honoured more by their breach. One of the reasons we don’t attain our resolutions is because we don’t manage ourselves – we ‘don’t manage our time’.

If you fall into this category, I may be able to help……

……On New Year’s Eve, I attended a promotional webinar by Paul Evans on goal achievement and self-management.

I signed up for the course because it is a great course: lots of new info, templates and a robust, integrated process. Best of all, you can sign up for the 5 Stone Course and software for US$20.00.

That’s right $20.00! Fab value.

So, if you are looking for a way to keep your New Year resolutions, have a squiz at http://launchyouryear.com/

Here is something of great value. By the way, I am not affiliated  in any way with the recommendation. I am passing it on because I think it is great value. Open only till end of Jan 2, 2015.