Time and Price Stats Window – Video

BarroMetrics Views: Time and Price Stats Window – Video

Sorin asked two questions:

  • Did I still have the Barros Swing Videos from 2010? Answer: Unfortunately no. We lost the masters when we changed servers.
  • Could I give an example of the time and price stats windows mentioned in Nature of Trends.

That was a great request because most readers may benefit from the example. Here is the link to the video example.


A couple of points to note:

  1. The example focuses on the window.
  2. When deciding on a  zone, I consider the items below which I did not consider in the video….
  • What is the trend of the timeframe I am trading? Is it likely to continue or change?
  • What are the other zones projections, do we have overlap? (actually I gave this a cursory examination in the video)
  • What are the maximum and minimum boundaries of the zones? If the optimum boundary is exceeded, but the maximum boundary is intact, will I still consider taking the trade? (Answer: Usually yes, though I may reduce position size – depends on the type of trend, and other aspects of the context).
  • Assuming a breach of the maximum boundary, what do I have to see to invalidate the zone and look for a new set? (Answer: usually a directional bar against the zone e.g. a bullish-conviction close above a sell zone). What do I have to see to consider the zone still valid? (Answer: usually a rejection bar; but normally a breach of the maximum boundary would mean I reduce my position size).

Time and price stats windows provide the context for low risk, high probability zones for my trading. They may also serve your trading. I hope so.