Method and Money

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We goofed on the first registration for MIND.  As a result, even if you registered for MIND. you will need to re-register for METHOD & MONEY (only one registration needed for Method and Money).

Here is the link for the registration:

If the first webinar is anything to go, the series will be a huge hit. I hold these content-rich, free webinars one every two or three years. If you are thinking of attending, register and attend. We have space for only 100 attendees.  As one attendee said:

I just sat through the first Breakthrough webinar and wanted to say how beneficial it was.


My head is spinning from all the content!


I suspect there is a lifetime of study in what you gave us.


Could you please let me know the dates and times of the remaining webinars in this series, so that I may organise myself?


Many thanks.”