Decision-Making III

A quick one tonight. I am typing this at Changi Airport, Singapore, en route to Sydney. In this blog, I’ll set out the elements of Theory U’s ‘seeing’. Recall that stage one was ‘downloading‘ – where our mindset is closed to new information. We are right, and we’ll maintain that stance no matter that there may be a ton of evidence suggesting we at least consider alternative scenarios.In ‘seeing’ we view the world as it is to be best of our ability. ‘Seeing comprises of four steps in Theory U:

  1. Crystallize Intent
  2. Move into context
  3. Suspend judgment and move into wonder
  4. Enter the space of seeing together

Tomorrow we’ll look at what these ideas mean to the trader.

One thought on “Decision-Making III”

  1. Post-inauguration CNBC videos:

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