Default Future and Success II

BarroMerics Views: Default Future and Success II

So, what is our default future?

It is the pathway of automatic neural responses  created up to the age of 11. Operating at a subconscious level, the responses kick in whenever our subconscious perceives a change in our environment as threatening. Unfortunately, our subconscious treats a life-threatening event in the same way as an event which is psychologically threatening; e.g. it treats facing a mugger in the same way as facing the probability of being stopped out at a loss. Indeed, the same area of the brain lights up for uncertainty and ambiguity as when we face  a mugger.

I call this response the 3Fs – fight, flight (and, in extreme cases) freeze. A 3F response reacts not to market information but as a way of releasing the stress we are feeling. And, since our 3F decision fails to make use of our Right Brains’ intuition, and our Left Brain’s reasoning, the decision we make is more often than not, less than optimal.

Turning now to the failure of our Group 1 to effect behavioural change….Those in the group fail to change their behaviour because change triggers the 3F response. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone because moving outside the zone causes anxiety and pain.

Let’s now turn a Group 2 where the members do put in the work to learn a method, do effect new behaviours but still fail… issue

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