An Event For Your Trading Improvement!

BarroMetrics Views: An Event For Your Trading Improvement!

Tomorrow, I’ll conclude “Trade War – Black Swan?“. I was going to do it today, but we have been inundated with questions about July 5. I’ll answer those questions now.

The objective on July 5 to leave the participants with a trading process that will improve their results. We’re looking to achieve this by:

  • providing the needed ideas and theory. The ideas that have served me when managing the private-partnership hedge fund (1990 to 2010) and my own trading.
  • illustrating the ideas with real-time trading at the presentation; and
  • providing the tools to apply the ideas.

The ideas will cover the “3 Biggest Mistakes Traders Make” and how to avoid them. Without giving the presentation away, I think it’s safe to say that at least one is not normally associated with trading. Yet, the failure to address this issue just about guarantees failure.

We’ll be trading the markets live. On this blog, I posted about the system we’ll be using. It’s ideal for the presentation: short-term with an amazing expectancy return. And no, I won’t be presenting its rules.  I will be using it to show the process all successful traders (in one form or another) for their trades. It’s also a process few, if any, losing traders apply.

The psychology for using the system is a simple one: attendees will follow the success process if they associate it with a profitable trade. The research shows we retain 75% of what we practice and only 5% of what we hear.

The tools we’re giving away?

  1. The equity spreadsheet I use to use before I adopted Edgewonk. Indeed, I am still using it because it provides data that Edgewonk does not. We’ll be sending the spreadsheet out before the event.
  2. A trading system using end-of-day data. The reason for this timeframe is I expect most attendees to have full-time jobs. I believe it’s not possible to apply consistently system rules that utilise intra-day data. Only July 8, the system rules will be sent to all registrants together with a ‘how to apply’ video.
  3. A template for a psych journal will be demonstrated at the event.

Here are the registration links:

Live-stream for those who can’t attend the event:

There is an SGD 20.00 (about USD 14.00-15.00) fee for the live-stream.

For those attending in Singapore:

There is a refundable (on attendance) SGD 20.00 fee for Singapore attendees.

If you are planning to attend: Please register before Tuesday, June 27, to avoid disappointment. We have a live-stream limit of 50 (to ensure

*** Please register before Tuesday, June 27, to avoid disappointment. We have a live-stream limit of 50 (to ensure

We have a live-stream limit of 50 (to ensure quality of projection) and a 100-limit on attendance. We are almost at 50 for the live-stream and over half full for the attendance.

On Tuesday, our joint venture partner Oanda will be inviting their clients, so we expect to be fully booked shortly after that.

Looking forward to catching up with all registrants on July 5!

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8 thoughts on “An Event For Your Trading Improvement!”

  1. Hi Ray, I would like to clarify please, the presentation system on July 5 is not the system you are sending out on July 8 ?
    cheers baz

    1. Yes Baz, that is correct.

      The system being sent out is tailored to the majority attending the Singapore session. With two exceptions, the rest have full time jobs. So, a short-term system would not suit. On the other hand, a sewing-system would not meet my objectives for July 5.

  2. Hi Ray,

    I would love to attend the session on the July 5th however with UK times being 12:00-15:00 work restricts my ability to take part. I’m happy to sign up, however guess there is no option to watch a recorded session rather than real-time?

    BTW – still really enjoy reading the blog on a daily basis, continues to influence my thinking in lots of ways. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    1. Hi Ryan

      Thank you for the kind words and visiting the blog. I appreciate it.

      Yes, the time difference makes it difficult for UK residents. And yes, we are providing a recorded session to all who register.

  3. Hi Ray,

    Quick enquiry re the July 12th session – I participated and wondered whether the spreadsheet templates and mech trading system rules be distributed prior to the blog closure?

    1. Hi Ryan

      Thanks for the query.

      We posted a notice to all registrants: all bonuses will be available from July 23 onwards for a month.

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