Federer & Wawrinka

BarroMetrics Views: Federer & Wawrinka

I am writing this ahead of the Federer-Wawrinka result. It’s important I  mention this for reasons that will be clear by the end of the blog. I publishing the blog now; so, your are getting tomorrow’s blog today!

I should also add that Federer is my sentimental pick. My Mom loved to watch him play and would never miss his matches on TV. For that reason, I’d love to see him win. But, I doubt it.

And, I say this even though Federer has an imposing record against Wawrinka:

  • 17-1 in Grand Slam events, and
  • 13-2 career record

So, you’d say that Federer has the edge, right?In that case, why do I say ………….

…….. I rate Wawrinka the better prospect?

I say that because of the nature of tennis. Those that understand the difference between the nature of tennis and the nature of trading, would probably see it the same way I do.

What is this difference?

Unfortunately, the difference is one of the major themes of my talk on July 19. So divulging now would be telling. But, I will promise to  complete this blog after July 19.

By the way, Federer is the bookies choice to win at 1-3, with Wawrinka at around 5-2. If I were a betting man, especially at those odds, I’d bet on Wawrinka.

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