Federer & Wawrinka II

BarroMetrics Views: Federer & Wawrinka II

Opps – I was wrong! Feels like a trade.

Federer  beat Wawrinka in four sets. I knew I was ‘in trouble’ at the end of the first set: Wawrinka was clearly running out of steam. His visit to the doctor at the end of the second, confirmed what I had been thinking. If this had been a trade, I’d have taken an early exit……

Where did I go wrong?

I failed to give due weight to the fact that this was Wawrinka’s third consecutive match in three days whereas Federer had had a day’s rest. The fatigue factor was clearly a telling factor. That is not to say that Federer would not still have won. Let’s see next time.

Despite the result, there is a clear difference on the approach we need to take to events like trading and events like this tennis match. And, knowing that difference is an essential insight into trading success. I promise to tell you the difference at the July 19 event; and if I forget, I am sure someone will be there to remind me 🙂

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