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A new teaching process is sweeping the US and Europe. In the East, the response is akin to….’flipping classrooms??? Is that the same as flipping burgers???’ Well, not quite.

The Flipped Classroom is the new educational process (See Figure 1).  Scientific testing of the process is still equivocal – mainly because there are no standardized steps for three of the four segments. But anecdotal abounds that the process is showing remarkable success e.g. Clintondale High School in Michigan saw the failure rate of its 9th grade math students drop from 44% to 13% after adopting the flipped classroom process.

We launched the process at our first commercial Ultimate. My view: it beats the old methods hands down.  Most of the grads from the course had a structure in place launch their success. Of course, they still need to maintain it. But, the Flipped Classroom also has a process for that. Let’s see how many attain their Dec goals.


Flipped Classroom Process

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  1. Hi Baz

    Thank you.

    I followed the basic pattern:

    1) Provide video material at least 6 weeks before 2 2-day seminar (i.e. we cut off registrations 6 weeks before the 2-day).

    During the self-learning (video), weekly emails to coach the attendees through the videos.

    2) 2-day seminar to get to know the students cover ensure they have covered the essentials.

    3) 2 week webinar following the 2-day – clarifying purpose, goals, action plans & application of theory

    4) 12 week webinar of structured application following the Anderson model.

  2. Hi Paul

    Khan started the process but it has taken on a life of its own.

    As ‘proven’? As I said in my post, it will be a while before the researchers catch up. Right now the general framework seems to be agreed upon, but the details within the framework are noot. Until the latter happens, you will not see the theory ‘proven’ – at least as far as the researchers are concerned,

    But the effectiveness of any theory is first seen in the field. In is in the practical application that we are seeing breakthroughs. More will come as new processes are attempted on a trial and error basis.

    By the way, even the post you referred us to concluded:

    “Despite these issues, the flipped classroom can still a very effective, hands-on approach to improving student achievement and involving them in their own education”.

  3. hi Ray,
    Your reply to Baz on the basic pattern seems good to me.

    Yes, I am curious/interested to learn/know new education processes/theories.

    But when it comes to application, I tend to be very cautious.

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