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Adam Grimes dropped me a line to tell me that he had a free technical analysis course; and asked if I would give it a write up.

So, I registered for the course and had a squiz. Good stuff!

Adam had broken the course into three sections:

  1. The Foundation of Profitable Trading
  2. The Patterns of Profitable  Trading
  3. The Skills of Profitable Trading

Each section is divided into scheduled week for learning e.g. Section I covers weeks 1 to 3. Adam had uploaded the videos and other materials up to Week 6; there are 14 weeks in all.

It appears that all of the ‘method content’ can be found in his book, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis. But, he has added some fresh insights in the videos.

Personally, I like the psychological material most. Adam has a delved into the breakthroughs in learning theory and has provided MP3 files to assist the trader in the implementation of the course material. He also provides homework which if done,  will be of great benefit to the student.

There is immense value here to the budding, and perhaps even the more experienced trader. I would not allow the fact that Adam has generously made if freely available to dissuade you from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Inevitably when I write a review I am asked: “Ray, any weaknesses?”

Mastery requires we ‘know what to do’ and ‘do what we know’.

In this case, Adam has provided, free, the knowledge, but not the skill training. This weakness bedevils most of the educational efforts in this area.

Neurology has shown that becoming successful at anything requires, grit, time and focused effort: the best results come from efforts tailored to the Deliberative Practice model.

An integral part of this model is the availability of a mentor/facilitator who provides ‘immediate’ feedback so that the student can correct course where necessary.

I don’t want to be read as criticising the course. It has excellent content, and Adam, with the homework, has done his best to assist the migration from knowledge to skill. I mention the weakness because it is a area educators must develop if we are to have any chance of lifting the abysmal success rate among traders.

So to summarise: a fab free technical analysis course. You could do a lot worse than giving the site a try….

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