GxE for Success? (II)

BarroMetrics Views: GxE for Success? (II)

Arrived in Singapore on Wed, April  17 and had one of those ‘days’. The internet was down (modem was down and was not replaced till today); and I found that my teleco had blocked my Singapore mobile service (the billing dept failed to take notice of the new credit card number that I caused to be inserted in early March!).

But now all is well.

In GxE for Success?, I asked what sort of focus was necessary to attain trading success; a better question would have been: is there a model that will identify the focus we need to attain trading success. The short answer is: yes.

I have touched on the model in some earlier blogs. I call the model “the Coyle Model’ (even though it is based on the works of K. Anders Ericsson because I was first introduced to the model in Daniel Coyle’s   “The Talent Code“. Figure 1 contains the elements of the model. I’ll be speaking about the model in depth in the coming series of blogs.


FIGURE 1 Coyle Model

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