Habits v Rules of Success

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Rules v Habits of Success

This is one post that should reinforce what have been taught by Ray Barros in his first Habits of Success course with hand-holding for this year.

Among the students are a few who still believe in the ‘silver bullet’ – the silver bullet that makes every trade a winner.

There are no Silver bullets in the trading business. After thirty years if there was one  our mentor Ray  would have found it!

Hence, the need for a course that has been put together :  Habits of  Success with intensive hand-holding for a month live.  For the next July HOS seminar, there will be additional hand-holding on the net to lend support to the students who are still unsure of the principles.  With each HOS seminar held, it is the intention to improve  after observations of what could be the missing  link to make trading easier.

Briefly, to be successful in trading:

1) Spend  at least an hour  a day to look for possible trades with your charts.

2) Once the trade is entered,  keep your stops tight to insure a winner does not turn into a loser.

3) If you are stopped out, look at it as the first step to your next winner.

4) Keep an equity as well as a psychological journal.

5) Keep working at your course notes, videos, etc  until internalized to form natural habits.

6) Always maintain your discipline.

Hope this will help not only HOS students but newbie traders to work hard to achieve trading success.

There is no free lunch, so to speak.

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IDkit aka Ana, Ag Moderator

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  1. Besides discipline, successful traders need a lot of LUCK! 🙂



    Knowledge is not power.

    It is the application of internalized correct knowledge that is power, right?

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