Hand-holding HOS Coming to a Close

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As the  HOS hand-holding sessions are coming to  a close by next week after another long Labour Day weekend holiday in Singapore,  students are serious with more  Q&As as evident in the video clips.

Some students are offering feedbacks on the HOS course  which are reproduced as clips hereunder.

Interview with Aileen


Interview with Mano


Students Q&As video clips

About 4th attempt






Reading market




Trading Fx pairs – Eur/Stg


Reading  strengths of Fax pairs


Favour Eur/Stg trader


Trigger bar = ATR


Bullish bar


Benchmark swings


SW v Trending markets


More TF


Identifying TFs


Importance of benchmark swings


From the hand-holding sessions, what emerge is that the HOS is not easy to digest for complete novices.   Like any serious profession,  the students must have a good foundation at least of the trading terms by reading generally  even before the HOS course commenced.  To this end,  the ebook: A-Trading Compendium to BarroMetrics has been recommended reading.

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4 thoughts on “Hand-holding HOS Coming to a Close”

  1. Feedback:
    1. HOS 2011 provides me a structural approach to trading analysis.

    2. On 25 May 2011, Ray showed us how the reliable reversible patterns fit into the model he taught us. With the bone structure, we may add more flesh in future.

    3. I asked him many questions, and he could tell me, based on his experience or study, whether all those trading indicators/suggestions are to be trusted or not.

    4. Unlike many “supermen” who wanted to sell their courses, making all the hype and false claims, Ray told us the mistakes he made. With the knowledge that Ray, a successful traders and fund manager, made those mistakes too, it gives the beginners the courage and confidence to learn from the mistakes.

    5. Trust is the key word. He would make more money trading with the time he spent teaching the HOS 2011 participants. But, with his commitment, he seriously wants his students to be successful.

  2. Hi Paul

    Thank you for all your kind words.

    As you can see, Ana has been helping out with the blog till the end of the live-sessions.

    I am very happy to see that you have benefited from the course. Among the participants, you have been very helpful during the sessions with your questions and comments.

  3. Ray did not promise the HOS 2011 participants instant success.

    But surely, by keeping their eyes on the context and committing to following the process,

    By taking the step by step by step,
    Not all at once,
    But step by step,
    And each baby step will be the making of themselves to be the successful traders!

    True or false? ? 🙂

  4. Hi Ray, may I dedicate this song to you:
    “You Raise Me Up”

    Because you are the one whom we the HOS 2011 participants can trust to learn trading (even in the market storm),
    We learn that it is all right to make mistakes (as long as we learn from the mistakes),

    Because you believe in us,
    We can be more than we can be …

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