Right to Left

……….Is From Inspiration to Perspiration.

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We often encounter the words inspiration and perspiration in trading literature and this brings me to share some insights on the Right and Left workings of the brain. Our brain works like through the convergence of kinetic energy and motion in our everyday zone.

Gouthum Karadi wrote:In this dual universe everything exists only as paired with an opposite. Positive and Negative. Good and Bad. Masculine and Feminine.

One force obtains and holds advantage over the other. This is the natural ebb and flow of life which produces the endless variation which we experience as the phenomenal world. When things are in perfect balance, as in Yin and Yang, we have stagnation.

It is only through imbalance that we experience change. Let us take a tank with a partition in the middle; it has two halves of negative 100 degrees and positive 100 degrees respectively. When the partition is removed, do watch carefully. With the convergence at the zone, all kinds of kinetic energy and motion exist. Similarly, our everyday life is this convergence zone.From most recorded history, the masculine energy had held the initiative. Projects were undertaken due to their logical and conceptual value – first conceptualized and then built. In earlier history there were also cases where the feminine held sway.Generally, the male reasons things through, then develops them. The female can be thought of as the right-brain, or the initiator, who comprehends things as a whole, only to analyze afterwards.

Some of the world’s greatest left-brain thinkers, like Einstein and Bohr, achieved their crowning ideas through dreams. This is the quintessential right-brain gestalt.

Thus, the masculine has clearly ruled from the age of reason and enlightenment until the present. Now it is time for the feminine to take the lead once more. This involves the right-brain receiving an idea, complete and whole, through an intuitive process. It then directs the left-brain to analyze and develop the idea. The left-brain masculine generally seeks to break things apart and to rebuild them in its logical framework.

NOW, our world seeks cohesion once again. Here the right-brain feminine excels. It seeks to unite and connect things into organic and harmonious wholes. The quote below describes how this shift in thinking affects the way we see and analyze the world and our place in it:

“The realization that early humans were the hunted and not hunters has upended traditional ideas about what it takes for a species to thrive. For decades the reigning view had been that hunting prowess and the ability to vanquish competitors was the key to our ancestors’ evolutionary success (an idea fostered, critics now say, by the male domination of anthropology during most of the 20th century). But prey species do not owe their survival to anything of the sort, argues Sussman. Instead, they rely on their wits and, especially, social skills to survive. Being hunted brought evolutionary pressure on our ancestors to cooperate and live in cohesive groups. That, more than aggression and warfare, is our evolutionary legacy.” (Begley 2007)

The quoted text above illustrates how the complex dance between masculine and feminine occurs with the divine intercourse of everything in our galaxy.

We see the masculine mind seeking a single advantage which accelerated humans to dominance. Now humanity is about to shift again – to more feminine driven reasoning.

It will be inspiration driving perspiration versus perspiration creating inspiration.


Think less, feel more, yet never surrender logic at the door.

It is only through integration that humanity will reach the next level in human evolution without destroying itself- a new level, a space consciousness.

By space consciousness, EckhartTolle implies that you are not the objects flowing through your consciousness . But you are so powerful at creating your life, that if you decide that those objects (beliefs and emotions) are you, then you will create that reality for yourself. But if you decide that you are just the awareness of your beliefs and emotions, then they are just things moving through you.



My good old friend Martha Nicolaides (Origin Amman) has this to say: To be an American is to be free i.e. speak freely, think freely, live freely….to be an American is to be equal amongst all people who live in this country. UNQUOTE






Canada Day is celebrated on 1st July, the official independence day of Canada. The day commemorates the founding of the Canadian federal government by the British North America Act of 1 July, 1867. As the independence day of Canada, this day is observed as a national holiday throughout the country.




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8 thoughts on “Right to Left”

  1. From James Kaminecki –
    cross ref: http://www.awanginvest.com

    A true story of his immigrant roots which I will post separately.

    Many Americans will share the same history as their forefathers came from ’somewhere else’ to find their American Dreams.

    Please look out and read after this under : My Story as an American.

    ANA aka IDKIT
    Ag Moderator

  2. #cross ref from http://awanginvest.com/?p=510#comment-290

    Thanks for your site, Ana. I believe Independence Day can have a personal meaning as well as a national one. We are poorly prepared to make the most of political and economic freedoms if we, ourselves, are not free from repetitive personal conflicts, habit patterns, and restrictive routines. The purpose of the world’s great disciplines, from meditation to psychotherapy, is to expand our freedom of will–to free us from mechanicalness. That fight for personal freedom, properly waged, can yield our own Independence Days: occasions when we can celebrate our expanding autonomy and self-mastery.


    By Brett Steenbarger on Jul 4, 2008 | Edit

  3. Dr Brett

    Thank you for enlightening us to look at Independence in a personal as well as a national way.

    Following from your reasoning, unless we are aware of forces at work on our minds and restore the rule of reason, our being is on shaky ground.

    If we work to gain self-reliance and personal freedom, then we will enjoy expanding autonomy and self-mastery – a personal Independence.

    My way of looking at the dual meaning.

    ANA aka IDKIT
    Ag Moderator

  4. From Jim Rogers ,who has given me permission to quote him ( ref Peak July 08)

    Now why would a man who could afford to live very well, anywhere in the world, choose Singapore?
    “I always tell everyone that the best investment you can make is to teach
    your children and your grandchildren Mandarin. So I took my own advice.
    “Singapore’s got the best education in the world and it’s got great healthcare.
    Hopefully, we won’t need it. And everything works- the airport, roads,
    telephones and computers. That’s not true in most countries. I also like the
    weather, and the “everything can be done” attitude.”

    ANA aka idkit

    Cross ref:

  5. “Cross-Talk: The Role of Emotion in Trading”:


    Just as there is dual aspects of Independence (and it is July 4), there is cross posting here between us : http://www.tradingsuccess.com/blog/

    I now refer to your say at SFO:
    The time that a trader spends on his or her craft outside of actual trading represents preparation.That is a trader’s self-coaching time. Unquote

    It is refreshing to look at the Law of Preparation as you described it, and certainly a prerequisite to success.

    Posted by Ana to TraderFeed at 9:24 AM

  6. Cross ref http://www.awanginvest.com

    From Steve, his strong personal views:

    “Unfortunatly I typed a long and sincere post on the state of the USA, and it seemed to disappear, and I dont have the time to redo it. I will say this though, I agree with Dr. Brett, that I will be celebrating my ability to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness in my personal endeavors, as the aformentioned is no longer possible due to many unconsitutional laws that have been passed over the recent years. Am I proud to be an American on this 4th of July, the short answer is NO. I am looking to relocate out of this Fascist, Socialistic Democracy that our Founding fathers sacrificed so much to avoid, that being this current state of affairs. I am sick of operations such as the declassified NorthWoods operation, another false flag covert operation that President Kenndy rejected when the CIA suggested it. (interestingly he was killed shortly after), as is also true with 911, another false flag operation to instill terror into the masses. http://www.ae911truth.org has architects and engineers form around the world demanding that the forensic truth be told. When the government is afraid of the people as true in France (at least to a point), is when I can say that I am proud to be an American. Steve”

    By STEVE “SSK”

    ANA aka IDKIT
    Ag Moderator


    Hence, when I received comments to my posts, especially on July 4 2008, I have to accept whatever views that are put forward, as long as they do not over step the law of decency.

    I wish to refer to Al Gore, former VP of the United States, on his visionary analysis on the state in his book: The Assault on Reason.

    I reckon that if a former Vice-President can FREELY so speak out critically about his nation, so can any American like Steve.

    Having said this much, I reiterate: I will remain NEUTRAL, politically speaking.

    ANA aka IDKIT
    Ag Moderator


    To Dr Brett:
    Thank you for your insightful comments to which I added mine to try to follow your reasoning ie on dual aspects of looking at Independence.

    To Jim Rogers :(featured in Market Wizards by Jack Schwager & July 08 Peak)
    Thank you for kindly giving me the liberty to quote you whenever wherever, as long as sources are given due credits.

    To James Kaminecki of DT, Chicago:
    Thank you for sharing with us your roots. I note you have a famous artiste in your family tree:your great aunt’s music.

    Her name is Marisha Data and the following website will link to one of the albums that continues to be published: http://www.polartcenter.com/URLrewrite.asp?404;http://polartcenter.com:80/The_Songs_And_Music_Of_Marisha_Data_p/9700178.htm&Redirected=Y

    There are a few other links you can find if you search Google for her name.

    To Martha Nicolaides of Minneapolis, USA:
    Thank you for staying in touch all these years after a long sojourn in Singapore.

    Take care and hugs to Ari, too.

    To All others who commented:
    We can look on my July 4 posts as melding together all the microcosms making up the Little World of human nature.

    MAN is the epitome of the Great World or Universe, a Philosopher’s Stone.

    To all of you, especially Americans, a big thank you for taking time off to share your deepest thoughts with us here.

    HAVE a good happy weekend, All.

    ANA aka IDKIT
    Ag Moderator

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