July 19 details

I have received a few emails asking for July 19 event details.

Here they are:

Date: 19th July, Saturday
Time : 2pm – 5pm (Registration starts at 2pm)
Venue : Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Level 6, Main Building,
Singapore 148951

On the day, we’ll be looking at ‘The Five Essential Stages for Trading Success’ – looking at trading success from the insights provided by neurology. The day will be filled with unique information. The one promise I can make is if you apply the the content, you will join the 10% winner’s circle.

At this stage, there are around 40 vacancies; we expect these seats to be taken up by the weekend. If you have been planning to attend but have delayed registering, do it now to avoid disappointment.

Here is the registration link:  https://barrometrics.leadpages.net/cmi-july2014-register

2 thoughts on “July 19 details”

  1. Ray
    It is good you are promising those who attent the event will go into the top 10%, do you have any courses/material (paid for), to equally go into the top 10%, who live in the uk who simply cannot attend an event on the otherside of the world.

  2. Hi Sundeep

    Apologies for the delay in replying. I saw today four comments that have been posted.

    The materials are there; feel free to drop me an email.

    But red flag: the materials alone are insufficient to move you into the 10%.

    Trading successfully is not just knowing what to do, but also doing what you know.

    This is why my courses have evolved into a form group coaching.

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