July 5 – Update

BarroMetrics Views: July 5 – Update

I was hoping to have the URL landing page up on the blog today. But, gremlins struck. While waiting for the solution, I thought it best to see if you there is enough interest from you to run the streaming. We need at least 30 to cover live streaming costs.


Our objective is to provide a content-rich presentation that will allow attendees to kick start their profitability.

To this end, I’ll be providing live FX trading to illustrate the ideas presented. You’re asked to join in the process because we remember 75% of what we do and only 5% of what we hear.

The content will cover the ‘3 Mistakes Losing Traders Make and what you do to avoid them and join the 10% who win’. 

Here is what you’ll come away with after attending:

  1. A video of the event.
  2. A process for analysing and reviewing your trades.
  3. An equity journal (spreadsheet with macros): to provide the stats you need to improve your trading. Googling for ‘download trading equity journals‘, I found prices ranged from USD 120.00 to USD 200.00
  4. A trading plan (backtesting results attached)
  5. A template for your psych journal.

In short, everything you need to your trading profitable.  An attendee described it as a mini-trading course.

It’s important to understand that the event is a partnership: we provide the information, you provide the action – no action from you, means no benefits.


  • Date: Wednesday, July 5
  • Time: 19:00 to 22:00 (Singapore) (Australia 21:00 to 00:00) (7:00 to 10 EST) (12:00 to 15:00 UK).
  • Location: Live streaming via the net.


There is an SGD registration fee of $20 (about US $14)

If you’d like to attend, on or before Monday, 26 June 21:00, please drop a line to:

Ray Barros Trading Group <support@tradingsuccess.com>


Image credits: www.linkedin.com/pulse/video-streaming-methodology-reema-majumdar

2 thoughts on “July 5 – Update”

  1. Hi Ray, may i submit some questions for the event in advance as i may or may not be ,on the link?
    If not suitable for the event maybe a blog for another day?
    1 there a 4 reversal patterns you use, could you explain them and their parameters?
    2 at start of your trading career, you mention you lost for 7 years, how were you able to attract investors to your fund with that record?
    cheers Baz

    1. Hi Baz

      Thanks for the questions.

      1) Best for a future blog if you won’t be attending July 5. The four patterns are in my book The Nature of Trends
      2) Ha-ha. If you know of a way to attract investors with a losing track record, please let me know. We’d make a fortune teaching others!

      Kidding aside, the fund started in 1990. My first winning year was 1987. I was also lucky enough not to have a losing year in the years 1987 to 1989. It was the results of those years that provided the motivation for investors to give me go.

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